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Syndicated Health Columnist, Nutritional Cooking Instructor

  About Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss is a Syndicated Health Columnist, with more than 100 published articles; a Nutritional Cooking Instructor; and an official blogger for and member of the American Holistic Health Association. Her article “Eating for an Active Lifestyle” was published in the Woman to Woman magazine. Judy has also written columns for The Ledger newspaper “More to Life”, a monthly edition for seniors.  She has taught Nutritional Cooking classes at the University of South Florida Polytechnic, the Rath Educational Center; Lakeland, Florida.

Buss is a frequent speaker at wellness clinics, weight loss, and cancer survivor support organizations, colleges, health fairs, and fitness organizations. Her cooking classes, presentations, and writings focus on informing and inspiring her audiences, students, and readers to prepare nutritious, budget-friendly meals with a minimum of time investment. Her articles and recipes are also used by disease health-support groups.

Judy’s recipes are an eclectic collection of her original creations, new-and-nutritionally-improved classic favorites, as well as ethnically-inspired ones from her travels around the country and overseas.

A passionate and engaging educator, Mrs. Buss combines more than 40 years of experience and ongoing studies in nutrition, natural medicine, and the culinary arts. To enhance her cooking skills she has taken classes at The New England Culinary Institute, The Santa Fe School of Cooking, and a Master Chef class at Le Cordon Bleu. She performs a great deal of community volunteer service. She is a member of the Building a Healthier Polk initiative, a county-wide alliance of organizations, hospitals, the Polk County (Florida) Health Department, and individuals working towards the goal of reducing obesity in the county. A series of her healthy cooking tutorials, specifically written in support of the initiative, were published in 4 newspapers. Her motto is: “Keep the doctor away – deliciously!”

Judy and her work were featured in two media venues: The Polk County Democrat newspaper, “Senior Scholars Learn Healthy Eating, Gain a new Hobby in the Kitchen.” , and The "Wellness Connection,” newsletter of American Holistic Health Association.

Judy E. Buss and her husband, well-known composer Howard J. Buss, live in Lakeland, Florida.

                                                                Mission Statement

I am alarmed by the sorry state of our nation’s health. Clearly, the unhealthy lifestyle perpetuated by millions in the U.S. is, in great part, the reason for the exploding rate of chronic diseases and skyrocketing medical cost. Eating habits have a profound effect on health. As long as eating is viewed primarily as a form of entertainment, for stopping hunger pangs, or for masking stress, rather than as an act of nurturing and maintaining good health, no state-of-the-art medical treatment can prevent our country’s growing health crisis.

I strongly believe that regularly preparing nutritious meals at home has a powerful, multi-faceted effect on people’s lives. It most positively impacts their health, dramatically reduces health care and food cost, enhances interpersonal relationships within families, and boosts overall quality of life.

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Judy E. Buss’ informative magazine, newspaper articles and classes cover the following aspects of healthful cooking:

  • Nutritional information about the foods under discussion.
  • Preparation and handling techniques to maximize the preservation of nutritional value.
  • Cooking methods to minimize labor and time investment in the kitchen.
  • Providing a wide range of recipes for nutritious, quick, inexpensive, and utterly delicious dishes.
  • Expanding the readers/students culinary repertoire by introducing new or less familiar ingredients.
  • Instilling the joy of cooking and the nurturing of good health.
  • Keep the doctor away – deliciously!


    Syndicated health columnist, Sun Coast Media Group, Florida.

    Guest speaker presenting "Eating For Health" programs at wellness clinics, cancer survivor support groups, weight loss organizations, colleges, health fairs, and fitness organizations.

    Taught nutritional cooking at the University of South Florida-Polytechnic, The Rath Education Center, Senior Scholars Program, Lakeland, Florida.

    Columnist and member of the American Holistic Health Association.

    Designs and tests wholesome recipes for all seasons and occasions.

    Presentor and nutritional food writer for the Building a Healthier Polk Initiative: a county-wide initiative of organizations, hospitals, businesses, the Health Department, and individuals working towards the goal of reducing obesity in Polk County, Florida.


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